History & Achievements

Talere Panchkroshi Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Mumbai was established with the purpose to create the education facility as per Govt. policies from pre-primary to college level in Konkan and other places in State of Maharashtra. Similarly Mandal intends to work in the field of technical education, vocational education and guidance to economically and socially backward class people. Talere Panchkroshi Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Mumbai is educational trust registered in 1977 and which is presently running Vamanrao Mahadik Secondary School & Junior College of Arts, Commerce & Science at Talere, Taluka Kanakavli in Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra.

Establishment of Trust :

This institution was formed in the year 1977 under the leadership of Shri S. T. alias Dada Jathar and Shivsena leader and the then Mayor of Mumbai Shri Vamanrao Mahadik alias Appa by the people of villages in the Panchkroshi comprising of Talere, Ozram, Darum, Shidavane, Gavane, Burambavade, Vaghivre, Saliste & Vargaon. Late Vamanrao Mahadik and lateTulaji Surve were appointed as Executive President and as President respectively of the trust.

Establishment of Secondary School :

After a lot of technical hurdles, ultimately the permission for Secondary School at Talere was granted on 7th of June 1978 by Late Vasantdada Patil, the then Chief Minister and Dr. Baliram Hire, the then Education Minister on the insistence of Shivsena Chief Late Balasaheb Thakre.  The School was started in only 2 class room structure of Shri Gokhale – Mirashi which was given free of cost.

Land Donation:

Even though the Secondary School was started temporarily it was decided by the people of Panchkroshi to have their own school building to accommodate future growth of the school.  With the help of kind hearted people from families of Talekar, Ghadi, Dhekne, Mahadik, Khatavkar, Varunkar etc. who donated 9 Acres and 7 Gunthas land at Talere to Mandal (trust) to establish Mandal’s own school building.

Levelling of Land:

The donated land was a part of a hill and therefore proper leveling and terracing was needed prior to undertaking any construction.  With the help of Late Shyamkumarji Shrivastav (Industrialist) through his company ‘New India Mining Corporation Pvt. Ltd.’ at free of cost. The land was leveled and terraced so as the construction of the proposed school building could take place.

School Building:

Architect Shri Ulhas Rane of Mumbai prepared design for proposed school building consisting of 11 class rooms, Laboratory, Library and office all comprising of 10,000.00 Sq.ft. area.  The Bhumi Poojan of new school building was done by Late Vamanrao Mahadik on 22nd of December 1978.  The School building as well as Hostel building and toilet blocks were constructed in stages.  Even though there were class rooms for 5th to 10th standards and 2 class rooms each for Arts, Commerce & Science divisions of Jr. College, the requirement of class rooms was still short.  Institute could not construct additional 2 class rooms which were needed  due to paucity of funds.

 With the timely help of then Central Minister Shri Suresh Prabhu and Member of Parliament Late Eknathji Thakoor, Library building was constructed through their funds.

 Similarly, two toilets for boys & girls were constructed through the funds of Member of Parliament Shri Vinayak Raut.

Talere Panchkroshi Vidyarthi Vasatigriha (Hostel):

Mandal constructed Hostel building for backward class students in the year 1982 which was inclusive of Rector’s accommodation, office and kitchen for students.  However due to no demand from students, Mandal subsequently closed down the activity in order to stop unnecessary expenses.

Playground and Compound Wall:

Mandal developed big playground by carrying out cutting-filling and pitching work in the year 1988-89.  Similarly entire compound was constructed in stone in the year 1990-91.

Main Entrance Gate and steps:

Mandal constructed main decorative premises entrance gate and steps to the main complex with the help from a past student and successful industrialist Shri Gopalrao Bandivadekar under the dedicated supervision of Shri Arvind Mahadik.

Dr. M. D. Desai Sanskritik Bhavan (Hall):

There was no hall in the school building complex. Dr. Mahdusudan Desai from neighboring Kasarde Village donated Rs.7 Lakhs for the construction of 2,183.48 Sq. ft. area hall known as Dr. M. D. Desai Sanskritik Bhavan Hall.

Similarly recently a Mandal member and successful Industrialist Late Sravan Bandivadekar donated and constructed a nice kitchen next to Dr. M. D. Sanskritik Bhavan.

Silver Jubilee and Renaming of College:

The Secondary School and Jr. College completed 25 years in 2002-03 and Mandal celebrated the year as Silver Jubilee year. The various sports, elocution, drawing and rangoli competitions were held throughout the year.  Similarly on 26th of December 2002, the college was renamed as Vamanrao Mahadik Madhyamik Vidyalay & Jr. College of Arts at the hands of Shri Narayanrao Rane, the then Oppn. Leader, in presence of Ex Goa Chief Minister & Ex.MP Shri Gopalrao Mayekar and popular MLA from Devgad constituency Shri Appasaheb Gogate.

Fund Raising:

Mandal started fund raising with donations of mere Re.1/- & Rs.2/- coupons and larger amounts with receipts.  Similarly in the year 1981, Entertainment Programme & Publication of Smaranika was arranged in Shanmukhanand Hall, Mumbai.  Similarly in the year 1987 second similar programme was arranged in Damodar Hall, Parel, Mumbai and in the year 2002-03 Smaranika Prakashan was done to raise funds.  Rs.4,69,459/- were raised through these programmes.

 Up-till now Mandal has raised total of Rs.8,42,938/-  through school building fund, hostel building fund, playground development fund, prize fund, poor students fund and member’s contribution etc.  Rs.1 Lakh were donated by all daughters of Late Vamanrao Mahadik on the condition that the name of Late Chandrashekhar Vamanrao Mahadik shall be given to Computer Laboratory.  Shri Nayak donated Digital Lab machinery at the cost of Rs.1 lakh.

 In the year 2019-20, Govt. paid Rs.1,37,09,139/- towards land acquisition for Highway widening to Mandal being land owner.  Up-till now Mandal has accumulated total fund of Rs.1,83,10,494/-

 Grant from Govt.:

Shri Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar, the then CM, Govt. of Maharashtra sanctioned Rs.10,000/- from CM’s fund in the year 1984-85.  Similarly Shri Sudhakarrao Naik, the then CM, Govt. of Maharashtra sanctioned Rs.2,00,000/- for completion of balance construction work of school building.  He also granted amount of Rs.10,000/- in the year 1985 and Rs.30,000/- in the year 1989-90 for construction of Hostel building.  Social Welfare Ministry also granted Rs.22,000/-.  Grampanchayat, Talere also gave Rs.2,500/- for construction fund of school building in the year 1993.

 Staff Donation:

On the occasion of Silver Jubilee and Renaming of School the staff of School donated Rs.90,000/- for up-liftment of school.

 Secondary College expansion:

In 1978, Mandal started the School activity with only two class rooms of 8th standard class.  With natural growth and with support of Panchkroshi people the Mandal could add 9th class room in 1979 and added 10th class room in 1980.

 During 1984, 1985 & 1986, respectively 5th standard, 6th standard and 7th standard class rooms were added.  Therefore from 1978 to 1986, 5th standard class to 10th standard class school started operating.

 Thereafter in the year 1991, the school was expanded further by adding 1 class room of 11th standard of Arts without Govt. Aid.  Further-more Mandal added 11th standard class of Commerce in 2015 without Govt. Aid.  Similarly Mandal added 11th standard class of Science in the year 2016, this too without Govt. Aid.

 Therefore Mandal feels proud in establishing a school from 5th standard to 11th standard in all the faculties of Arts, Commerce & Science in backward area of Konkan, Sindhudurg on Mumbai-Goa Highway having strength of 373 students, 13  trained teachers and 5 support staff.


Inspite of all kinds of difficulties Mandal could offer the higher education to village students with the help of so many donor and members.  We have following facilities available at present in the Campus:

  • 2000.00 Ltr. Capacity water storage tank;
  • Aaro system filter for supply of pure drinking water;
  • Separate toilets for girls & boys;
  • Digital class rooms;
  • Computer Laboratory;
  • Science Laboratory;
  • Library;
  • Canteen;
  • Hall for cultural activities;
  • Big playground.

There are following programmes, educational facilities and activities available:

  • N.C.C. group;
  • Balvir – Veerbala group;
  • Nandadeep Magazine;
  • All round education course;
  • Extra classes for 5th to 10th class students and extra class for English for 12th standard class;
  • Extra classes for 5th & 8th standard class for scholarship preparation;
  • Book Bank;
  • Regular Display Board writing;
  • External examinations for English, Hindi, Mathematics & Drawing;
  • Annual education, site seeing tours and vanabhojan trips;
  • Tree plantation programmes during monsoon;
  • Yearly Prize Distribution and Cultural Programmes;
  • Internal and External College Sports Competition;
  • Semi English Education;
  • Rangoli Exhibition;
  • Prize distribution to brilliant students;
  • Distribution of uniform, raincoat, books & S.T. bus pass to poor and needy students.

Success in SSC & HSC and other Examinations:

As per the results of 2019 examinations, the result of HSC examination of Commerce Branch was 96.66%, of Science Branch was 100% and of Arts Branch was 81.81%.  The result of SSC Exam was 83.72%.  The students of our school are doing well in all kinds of external examinations.

 Professional Higher Education through Model College:

Mandal (Trust) was very much interested in starting Model College of Mumbai University under Model College Scheme of Central Govt.  With the required sanction of General Body, Mandal has given 4 Acres of Trust’s land as a donation through gift deed to Mumbai University to construct and run Model College in Mandal’s premises, the building of Mumbai University Model College Campus is partly completed and balance part is under construction and is progressing satisfactorily.

 This Model College has already started in part from 2014-15 and up-till now from year 2014-15, B.M.S., B.Sc. (IT) and from 2015-16 B.M.M., from 201617 B.A.F., from 2017-18 B.B.I. and from 2019-20 B.A. faculties classes have already started.  Due to this facility, now the education for B.Sc. (IT) for Rs.4,730/-, for other faculty for Rs.3,530/- and for backward class for Rs.1,060/- is made available.  This Model College named as ‘Vijayalaxmi Vishwanath Dalavi College’ has helped the students of Telere Panchkroshi by giving them good quality education & exposure.  In this Model College preference is given to Vamanrao Mahadik Secondary School & Jr. College of Arts, Commerce & Science students as In-house students.

 In this Model College self employment generation education is to be imparted with well equipped Laboratories, Libraries, Tutorials, Restaurants, Hostels, Medical facilities, Seminar Halls, Auditoriums, sports facilities, students support cell and staff quarters.  This Model College is getting funding from University Grant Commission/Rusa of Central Govt. and Govt. of Maharashtra.  Therefore not only Talere Panchkroshi but entire Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri Districts people will get advantage of this model college in future.

Building Repairs and Maintenance:

The existing building of Mandal is quite old i.e. of more than 40 years old and therefore requires periodical repairs and mentainence.  Up-till now Mandal has spent more than Rs.5,00,000/-  lakhs approximately besides Rs.1 Lakh donated by Dr. Madhusudan Desai for repairs and maintenance of the building.  Now time has come for reconstruction of School building instead of carrying out repairs from time to time.

Reconstruction of College Building:

Mandal is imparting Higher Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary Education to poor students of backward area of Talere, Sindhudurga for so many years.  Now Mandal is thinking of imparting Professional, Technical Education to these students in order to create self employment amongst these students.

Mandal has already worked out Reconstruction Scheme for existing old School Building with brand new amenities and facilities.  The cost of construction along with cost of furniture, infrastructure development and landscaping is estimated at Rs.14,38,29,640/- on the basis of Project Report prepared by Mandal’s Architect. The proposed scheme consists of total 40 Class Rooms, Exhibition / Drawing Hall, Multipurpose Hall, Caretaker’s Room, Canteen, Workshop, Store Room, Laboratories, separate Gym for boys & girls, Library, Computer Laboratory, Language Room, Principal’s Office, Admin. Office, Conference Room, separate Teacher’s Room for ladies & gents, Mandal’s Office, 5 staircase blocks with one lift and 4 washrooms on each floor.

It is proposed to construct the Complex in two phases.  Cost of Phase-I is estimated at Rs.4,82,62,500/- and Phase-II is estimated at Rs.9,55,67,140/-. The Phase-I is independent structure to be constructed without removing existing building.  Therefore care has been taken that the existing activities are not disturbed during reconstruction of Phase-I portion.  Phase-II can be taken up only after shifting of existing College in new reconstructed building of Phase-I.

The Mandal is expecting to raise the necessary funding through loan from Banks or private financial institutions, through Company’s Social Responsibility (CSR) Scheme, through NRI funds.  Similarly Mandal is expecting donations from generous public and also to raise money by giving names of donors to the class rooms and other rooms.  The complete Project Report along-with Phasewise Block Estimate and Plans with Perspective View are ready.

The Mandal is confident of bringing this ambitious project in reality with the help of Talere Panchkroshi people, Education lovers and Generous donors along-with all the members & workers of Mandal.

Appeal for Donation:

The Mandal was established by Late Vamanrao Mahadik with the co-operation and help of Talere Panchkroshi people and the members and workers of Mandal.  After the sad demise of Shri Vamanrao, his son Late Chandrashekhar and daughter Late Devyani Parab lead the Mandal.  The Mandal has been carrying out all the activities very efficiently since inception in the year 1977.

We therefore appeal with folded hands to you all to donate liberally for this noble cause of education.