Aims & Object of the Trust

  •  To take the necessary steps and/or establish, conduct Pre-Primary, Primary, Higher Primary, Middle School, High School and Higher Education as also Vocational  and Technical Education by establishing a college (such other institution) at and around Talere (Tal- Kankavli, Dist-Sindhudurg) or anywhere else in Maharashtra befitting government policy and advising or assisting with view to create such facilities in the interest of the society (people).
  • To provide vocational education and training especially to women as also to economically and socially weaker sections facilitating them to seek employment and/or to become entrepreneurs.
  • To provide financial assistance to deserving poor students in the form of scholarships on the written condition of  repaying the same.
  • To establish and conduct a library and also help other libraries as may be deem fit.
  • To establish and conduct hostel for the students.